The Math Magazine Issue FOUR Features more sexy stories than ever before! tales of sci-fi lovers, generous friends in the backseat of a car and domme sub dynamics at 39,000 feet, just to name a few. photo selections feature all types of group sex and artwork ranging from elegant line drawings to collages. order yours today!

Photo by Alef Ghosn

Photo by Alef Ghosn


Cecily Brown,,
Sophia Weisstub, Tendership

Alef Ghosn, Anjelica Jardiel, CHILL, Chris
Phillips / Pornceptual, Cole Witter, CROSXSOVER,
Eye of Ra Photography , Jenny Lederer,
Kissmedeadlydoll, Lauren Dickerhoof, Molly Ace,
Oliver Tam, Sarah Deaner,  SilverLight Esoterica,
Photography, Trey McIntyre, Willie Davis,
Zach Ranson, Zefrey Throwell

Anjelica Jardiel, Ariana Paige, Bianca Beltran,
Dodo, Jo Constance, Leandra Vane, 
Leighah Rose, S.C. Sherman

Andy Virus, Amethyst, Eva Wo, Grigory Basov,
Hollie M. Fitzhenry, Khaleel, Kissmedeadlydoll,
Knox Rath, Loba Clark, Lucas Wilson-Bilbro,
Marina DoubleYou, Maya E. Rose, Mia Secreto,
Nicolette Di'Bendetto, Ramoan Bruce

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photographs by
Trey McIntyre


Trey McIntyre's photographs display a talent for getting past the surface to show raw pleasure and intense vulnerability. The influence of his career in choreography is evident in Trey's intimate understanding of physicality, movement, gesture, tension, and composure.

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cole witter


Across seven breathtaking images, Cole Witter captures the unemcumbered human beauty and connectivity of models Candice Fortin, Mark Osmundsen, and Quinn Felipe. Shot in the beautiful Wrythe Studio in Brooklyn, these black and white images feel like human sexuality and form at their purest.




As a reader of Math Magazine, you are nurturing our reality, a romantic risk we’re all willing to take in order to create a world that we haven’t seen before. Whether in the full color of real life or the focus of a black and white photograph, words or images, digital or in-person encounters; we’ll find full expression in new mythologies, new visualizations, and new realities around sex and art to find personal liberation and collectively, sexual revolution.

All too often I find myself skating along the glossy surface of media, not using it’s full power to my benefit. Just temporal moments of this strange masochism, narrow-minded indulgence. I don’t want to think so small anymore. Cast aside, instantaneous pleasure addiction and binge consumption of the day. Let’s spend less time playing in these small feedback loops and consider ourselves players in the story of humankind. Zooming out to see the larger picture, transcending time through technology, using epic collaboration to protect our essential humanity, and use our cumulative power to project into the future. I want to reframe sex and sexuality today by contextualizing within histories and ideologies otherwise untouched by the genre of porn. We can be bigger than ourselves, we can write a larger story. Expressions of desire, re-envisioned. Visions of lust, reimagined.

We’re animals and we’re hungry. There is so much out there. So much noise, anger, requests, messages, emails, memes, and clips. The hunger grows as you feed yourself more. Create an oasis in these pages, in your bedroom, in the space between you and your lover where everyone finally gets what they want. Desires are clear and satisfaction eminent. Simplicity in knowing what you want, the confidence in asking for it, and the courage to explore.

Sexuality is intrinsically divine, and the sexual impulses in us, animals, is the sensible presence of creative divinity. Think about it, homosapians have been around for about 200,000 years. Centuries of sex. One of the first examples of creativity, and one of the finest example of doing something just for the pleasure of it. Shoulders were very sexy in the 19th century, the neck is a focus of sexual attraction in Japanese culture, and butts have been a contemporary American obsession.

Obsessed with our modernity and domesticity, we look back to our ancestral past, followers of impulse and worshipers of sex with judgement and distance. Our own conception and in the majority of our lives, sex plays a central role. It permeates our lives yet is shameful to talk about openly, is censored constantly, and is regulated by the government. We have a legacy of artists creating pornographic work from ancient to modern times. Let’s not forbid ourselves visions of what pleases us most. Must the animals have more freedom than we do? Sex has preserved our species. We should have parades in the streets, and dedicate feasts in its honor; not hide it away in sock drawers and in deleted browser histories.

Art is another uniquely transcendent experience we possess. The creation of art is a kind of shamanistic intoxication where, as in bed, we communicate things we cannot say, or even admit. Better still, unlike an orgasm, what an artist makes persists as a tangible communication with others. You are holding the merging of the two.

Sex, art, and pornography are ancient. It’s easy to forget this, as we glide through video clips and Tumblr feeds for GIFs to help get us off, that the enjoyment and proliferation of all this is so old. With an openness to others, history, ideas, culture, and an openness to our own consciousness, I want to carry the story forward. Math Magazine is a manifestation of what it means to be lovers, alive now.

I'm not the gatekeeper to some fantasy designed to be unobtainable. I'm here to say that you have everything you need. Save yourself, accept your desires, and be honest about fulfilling them. Focus on that and all of the mirages and tricks fall away. Sex is not sinful but beautiful, we are eternally complementary and equal. Systems that deny these truths deny life. Pleasures of the flesh are one of the only transcendent experiences we have left. Hold tight, love and do it!


MacKenzie Peck
Math Magazine