Don't let the name fool you, Issue one of math magazine is actually the second to be released. in the winter of 2016, mathletes gathered at the famed bizarre bar to celebrate the latest collection of explicit writing, photography, and artwork in math magazine issue one. DJ HAZYL PROVIDED A SEXY SOUNDTRACK AND SEX EDUCATOR DIRTY LOLA SHARED INSIGHTS -- TITS OUT, naturally.

Photography by Spencer Greene, Illustrations by MacKenzie

Photography by Spencer Greene, Illustrations by MacKenzie



Stasia Burrington, Lousongmade, Marina Santana, Ivithja Woodwoman

lady fox, Matthew Harris, Tim Josephs, The Dirty Mayor, Roman
Testroet, Marilyn Rondón, Marina Santana

Sophie Ebrard, Erick Gowins, Spencer Greene, Nick Katz, Joanne Leah,
Sam Light, Amanda Mesa, Marilyn Rondon, J. Tyler, Jonny Walker



Stasia Burrington


In shades of rich red and lush pink, Stasia Burrington's multi-media pieces are a combination of fabric flowers with graphite, watercolor, and sumi ink. Each pair of lovers tumbles across the magazine pages in sexy scenes full of movement and ambiguity.

Math Magazine Issue One Bound Boy Sam Light


Sam Light


A calm and obedient boy, bound and ready for you! In these black and white photographs from Brooklyn photographer, Sam Light, we see a blissfully submissive tattoo covered man excited and at your mercy.



In high school, I was a dedicated artist. I attended evening oil painting classes in which the students were a range of ages and we were all ready to paint the fuck out of some old gas lanterns, rickety chairs, and dried gourds. I remember all of our finished pieces looking remarkably similar, a testament to the sort of class it was: less about expression and more about technique.

Alex, the instructor, had a magical way about him– a presence. He had stories from all over the world and wise words packaged in beautiful phrases. He once shared a simple drawing exercise with the class that has stayed with me to this day, whereby one repeats a spiraling spring pattern while increasing and decreasing the pressure of the pencil in order to gradually change the weight of the line. The goal was to have the smoothest transition covering the complete range of values from light to dark and back again.

With his puffy fingers and graceful touch he taught us that the mind takes pleasure in the activity of seeing an incomplete gesture. As your gaze follows a solid line encompassing the 360 degrees of a circle, the mind is inert. In fact, the eye does not travel or follow at all. The fully formed circle is just there, plop, here’s a circle. When the line is incomplete, say, dotted or undulating with these lovely marks, the eye travels and the mind completes the form. The finished idea comes alive in our minds!

In this issue of Math Magazine, we collaborate with you in the creation of fantasies.

The tingles along your thighs and the warmth in your cheeks are manifestations of desire, a burning inside you, that has been ignited simply by printed words and images. Allow these pages to lead you, pull you in, and tempt you. Fill the spaces in–between and manifest dreams from within.

In the classic imaginary handholding between the erogenous zones of mind and body we make an unnecessary distinction. A sweet thought, but this demisexual–sapiosexual is of the opinion that the two aren’t so autonomous. What is one without the other? Separately you have electric pulses and blood. Together, in our pages, we have something akin to excitement. That gives me an idea for our new tagline: Math Magazine: tingling groins and brains since 2015, #smartporn.

In Issue One, you’ll find patterned bodies, covered in flowers or ravens, tumbling beyond the page. Women watching you, watching them, as they slowly undress. You’ll observe porn stars, straddling their on-camera and off-camera selves to show you their humanity and the way they can change a space even after occupying it briefly. There is a magic in the performers’ alchemy, fantasy in the water nymph rising from a lake, and kink in office seduction. Eroticism is, like us, a shapeshifter, taking on various forms like humor, transgression, knowledge, vulnerability, and power. We are so complex in so many ways; let’s explore and discover together.


MacKenzie Peck
Math Magazine