The Math Magazine Issue Three release party went down on october 7th with DJ Cranks and DJ Baile. within these one hundred pages you'll discover a density of hotness including sultry poetry, thought provoking essays and interviews, and boundary-pushing storytelling sure to turn you on.

Drawings by DYUSUV

Drawings by DYUSUV


Anthony Viti, DYUSUV Esteban Schimpf, Frida Castelli, Joanne Leah,
Kelsey Shwetz, Mavado Charon, Samantha Ylva Beasley

@richardcortez, Audrey Kitching, Candice Fortin, Chuck Syd, Heaven,
Jane Cogger, Josh Kil, Jin C, Mark Osmundsen, Simone Doe, Quinn Felipe, Tony

Abigail Ekue, Annie Frame, Bradley Wilson, Brian Bruno, Cole Witter,
Electricsexdoll, Erick Gowins, Gilles Berquet, Khrystyna Chekhlata,
Meg Wachter, Monicka Patterson, Ray Max, Slava Mogutin

Alice A. Dietzgen, Audra Wist, Erika Lust, Karina Vahitov,
Laurel Frances Rogers, My Insides, Ron Eames, Silky McGillicuddy

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much love
meg wachter


Meg Wachter does a brilliant job of capturing the rambunctious chemistry between Chuck Syd and Simone Doe on their New York City rooftop. Unphased by their semi-public hook-up, in the afternoon sun, the pair's inherent trust in one another and sometimes aggressive playfulness feels natural and sexy. So, who's up for naked wrestling?


cole witter


Across seven breathtaking images, Cole Witter captures the unemcumbered human beauty and connectivity of models Candice Fortin, Mark Osmundsen, and Quinn Felipe. Shot in the beautiful Wrythe Studio in Brooklyn, these black and white images feel like human sexuality and form at their purest.




Give me your focus. Put down your phone and set aside some time to spend with me and this incredible collection of models, photographers, authors, artists, and poets. Make sure you’re comfortable, so we can get intimate. This ink covered paper was specifically sired to turn you on. I’d like to say that Math Magazine will get you off too, but we don’t have the technology, yet. Within these ninety pages: delight, arousal, and carnal inspiration await your selective gaze.

Math Magazine encourages the lingering eye contact, silent company, and swipes right that evolve into, well, whatever we want. Future lovers reveal themselves in stages, peeling away layers, uncovering secrets, taking risks, and seeking hints of reciprocation.

In a flush we close distances, touch, and expose parts of ourselves, normally hidden. Tan lines demarcate, zippers delineate, and pant legs turn inside out. In the heat of the night, we open ourselves up to one another to, in a focused whirl, enter another dimension, time travel, and discover another and, in turn, reconnect with our fleshy inescapable selves. Bodies being more than just bodies.

We confront the limitations of our corporeal selves, daily. We don’t choose our containers, but through sexual elation, alone or with another, we are able to use the body to transcend the body. Hormones and pheromones. Dopamine and serotonin. Androgen and estrogen. We are invigorated by an inner drive to copulate and masturbate. To touch and be touched. Attraction, intrigue, stimulation, fantasy, longing, pain, passion, and the quickening of a pulse that accompanies our desires made known, if only to ourselves. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.

When it comes to fucking, loving, kissing, holding hands, fingering, fapping, smacking or jacking; our thumbs, toes, muscles, lungs, tongues, sweat glands, finger nails, dick-tips, vulvae, butt holes, and thighs are all there for our pleasure, for connecting with the ever present hum of our desires. Eyes rolls back in a wave of pleasure and for just a moment we exist to the max or maybe we don’t exist at all. We can be pure sensation.

All around us we see sex, objectification, manipulation, desire, and shifting power dynamics. Yet there is a threshold to the public tease and taboo quiets conversations and questions. When we are alone there is release and relief in enacting, reversing, or perverting the play, the rules, and the injustices that are enforced above ground on the public stage.

What if the title of pornographer identified someone as an ally, a proliferator of sexual freedom, an advocate for kinky exploration, and a proverbial body guard of human rights? Come to think of me as your cheeky and mischievous friend who will assemble a smörgåsbord of your indulgent and secret desires or discuss those sensitive situations that would otherwise garner judgment. While I love this role, I encourage you to serve this need for one another. We are confidants and collaborators. Trusted peers in a safe space. Support, love, trust, vulnerability, risk, strangeness, kink, gray areas, gay areas, and intense desires are embraced by Mathletes.

We’ve got each other, Mathletes. We all want to see, be seen, love, and be loved. I want to look at someone and feel hopeful. I want someone to look at me and feel hopeful. To be seen, to stay, and say you give a shit. I see you, I give a shit, and this all comes out of love.

Love and trust.
Love and trust and butts.



MacKenzie Peck
Math Magazine