The inaugural issue of Math Magazine was released in the late Autumn of 2015 when the snow from a barrage of storms had hardly yet melted. MacKenzie decided to call this, Issue Zero to allow for imperfections and failure. There was no legendary launch party and very few copies were printed yet it was the beginning of something special. Here is a preview of what the, now hard to find, publication featured in its pages.

Dusk  by Dan Gluibizzi  

Dusk by Dan Gluibizzi


Brian, Nika Cherrelle, Dan Glubizzi, ihaveclaws,
Alexander Katz, Nicole Milfie, Trina Leigh, Egon Schiele

Miss B, Daphne Brooks, Amanda DeBisschop, Alexander Katz, Lowell

Sam Light, Lance Manyon, MacKenzie, Nicole Milfie

mmd1j copy.jpg

Issue Zero highlight

Sam Light


As the afternoon light fades to night, we get cozy with Dori in her Brooklyn abode. Adorned in sexy lingerie and seductive glances, she lounges with us as we wonder what sexy surprises the evening has in store.

issue zero highlight

MacKenzie & Lance Manyon


With illustrated elements and photography by MacKenzie intertwined with photos by Lance Manyon this photo story depicts a playful and carefree type of intimacy where friends are lost in their own fantasy world.



Trust has been essential to Math Magazine, Issue Zero. How does one earn the trust of others with just an idea? How does one collaborate when the end-result is vastly unknown?

Since this is our first time making a dirty magazine, this inaugural printing is Sapphic and shy.  We coyly play with our friends to produce vulnerable images where we share hidden sides of ourselves and move into unknown territories.  

Math Magazine is starting off from a familiar location in the history of porn, with photo shoots that harken to classic pin-ups, make reference to ethereal babes lounging in Tumblr photo sets, and borrow from vintage low-brow rags.  

Lounging around for the camera is a commonly accepted way for women to display their sexuality. The results are easily beautiful and, the act itself, a turn-on for many. Math plans to go far beyond this to explore types of beauty, sexuality, and kink that are less often seen in print.

I am grateful to those who helped make this first issue a reality. I applaud my brave and trusting friends, and friends-of-friends, who modeled for a publication that didn’t exactly exist yet. I even modeled, for lack of participants, and I’m glad I did. Not only did I enjoy the experience, I also gained a keen understanding of what I am asking of models. This kind of trust, empathy, and vulnerability is essential to Math.

It is often said that the first person to follow is braver than the first person to lead. Nothing truer can be said for two figures, fundamental to the launch of Math Magazine: Lance Manyon and Angelina Vierneza.

Lance Manyon is an old friend. He was one of the first people I exuberantly rambled on to about this great idea for a porn mag. Years later, the ever supportive pal, mailed me some vintage kink magazines.  Several years after that, I showed him that I was keeping those magazines under my bed as a tribute to classic printed porn, and to our friendship. At this moment the idea for Math Magazine was reignited and Lance offered to photograph the first ever Math images. Before long, we had Daphne and April modeling in my apartment. The moment another person became involved in this project, I knew there was no looking back. For that, I am grateful to you!

Angelina’s talent was originally spotted on Instagram. The young designer clearly had a sharp eye and burgeoning talent. On top of that, she was excited to work on a logo for an internet-stranger on the other side of the world! Primarily through Pinterest, she and I shared ideas, reference images, and sketches. I strongly believe that the logo of a magazine defines it and should feel both timeless and timely. Our simple collection of letters spelling Math communicates a flirty austerity that hints to something special just beneath the cover. Lines disappear allowing the reader to fill in the spaces. This activity of the eye activates the mind in a way that I hope carries through the magazine. A huge thank you to my long-distance digital friend and collaborator.

With a passion for radical transparency Math Magazine will always produce cruelty-free hotness that revels in kinds of sexiness that are uncommon to mainstream media. I hope you enjoy this first issue and join us as we continue to grow. This is an exciting time for fresh takes on pornography and sex.

You can look forward to seeing hot, boundary-pushing images and a love of trust from Math Magazine because we are beautiful and we are all so lucky to be free.


MacKenzie Peck
Math Magazine