kicking off with a release party at fitzcarraldo in east williamsburg that included rope work by the mega talented kissmedeadly doll and ended with random acts of public nudity: Issue Two features joyful kink and shameless sex in a style uniquely our own. here's a brief look at the amazing words and images brought together for math magazine issue two.

Photo by:  André Krenz

Photo by: André Krenz



Alba Metzger, Alphachanneling, @DJWILLYCOCO69, Esteban
Schimpf, Frances Waite, Jana Brike, Lena Marquise, Millie Brown, Pacifico Silano

Alex Hex, Alexander Jones, Amanda, Anonymous, ihaveclaws,
Kamilla Murphy, Kip Kiefer, Pacifico Silano

André Krenz, Ben Lamberty, Bryson D. Rand, Ingrid Mouth, Jenny Lederer,
Kylie Shaffer, Maureen Michelle, Mike Lavin, Nikola Tamindzic, Ray Max

Alex Hex, Ayn Randy, Dirty Lola, Gage Sin, Leather Conrad,
Maggy BerLoon, Millie Brown, Nenetl Avril, Peaches

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Alphachannelings work harnesses the magical power of sexual connection. With glowing lines and palpable chemistry, Alpha's pieces remind us that transcendence is possible through intense pleasure with another person. Across multiple pages, we see beautiful bodies enjoying one another, intensely.




The D/s editorial shoot features two women being tempted and tortured by a sexy older dom. The three make for a hot set as they play and fool around in a light-filled Brooklyn loft. See, not all BDSM happens in a dungeon or creepy basement. Bondage and impact play can be enjoyed anywhere!




Over the months between this issue and the last, I’ve worked hard to tempt and tease with glimpses of what’s to come, but mainly withholding. Control as an act of generous love. I’ve thought about you, what you want. Beyond enjoyment, I want these pages to move you to action. My withholding makes space for you to fill this magazine with yourself. Fill the voids and crevices with your longing, your love, and your lust. Fill it with your stories, fantasies, and experiences. I want your heart to melt, your legs to tremble, and your body to quake from this and whatever it might ignite in you and yours. It's like Bill Withers croons

I want to spread the news
That if it feels this good getting used
You just keep on using me
Until you use me up
Until you use me up

Use us. This issue features power dynamics where surrendering control is actually dominance. This is where that porcelain-skinned dream is actually a hunter laying bait and the tall man brandishing a whip is actually the servant. Call it topping from the bottom, the power of submission, or the choice of self-objectification. Things aren’t always as they appear.

Use us. Math Magazine is your tool for reflection, discovery, and exploration. We are a sexy sampler of assorted people having a nice time together, alone, or just with you. Take comfort in this safe space to find out something about your proclivities and the desires of others. Everyone is acting of their own volition. And believe me, it is just as much for you as it is for them.

Use us. Leave your copy out in the open and see how friends and strangers react. Mathletes are a part of an open secret society and this magazine is the invitation, the calling card.

Math Magazine is a beacon of modern sexual expression, cloaked in a nearly forgotten format. Begin a wordless, soundless conversation; it’s the dream inside your head or the proposition that tips the scales from fantasy to reality and, just maybe, opens up the path to a beautiful sexual revelation.

Use us. In a time when the decision to single-task is a luxury, choose to take a moment with us: a printed porn publication where surprise and intrigue are possible. In a moment of indulgent focus sit down and do this one thing; read Math Magazine.


MacKenzie Peck
Math Magazine