Meet MacKenzie Peck

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of
Math Magazine

Photo by Charlie Rubin

Photo by Charlie Rubin

In February 1987, it was anticipated that
MacKenzie would be born on Friday the 13th but instead she was born, the following afternoon, on Valentine’s Day: a harbinger of a future in the field of love and sex.

MacKenzie grew up in Connecticut, a short train ride to New York City, yet she was raised to be wary of the place. A fear of the big city and a desire to escape, MacKenzie attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore where she majored in General Fine Arts, a department that attracted two types of students: those who were interested in a different kind of GFA, “generally fucking around,” or those who were keen to create their own curriculum. MacKenzie was the latter and eagerly absorbed as many 101 classes as she could, ranging from welding to shooting film.

After graduation, MacKenzie found herself right on track with a job at the prestigious C. Grimaldis Gallery and an artist residency at The Creative Alliance at Patterson Park. Yet, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded work for a large exhibition called Time Bandits, MacKenzie felt unfulfilled, drained, and disconnected. After finding that the art world was not a good fit for her, she began thinking about creative entrepreneurial work that could reach a much larger audience. Her path took an unusual course from Maryland to Tennessee, Berlin, South Carolina, and Connecticut before landing in Brooklyn in 2015. And so, MacKenzie’s relationship with New York City has evolved in tandem with her burgeoning business.

MacKenzie spends most of her days working from her kitchen table or the Berg'n in Brooklyn, a cafeteria and co-working space, where she often meets with models and photographers to plan upcoming editorial shoots. While free time is limited, the editor enjoys getting out of the city on the weekends, reading books that aren’t about sex, meditating, exercising, and making art that no one sees. You can follow her story on Patreon