Negative Hearts Vinyl Deluxe Choker, EXCLUSIVE Math Red

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Contoured and somewhat posture-correcting. Made of extra thick vinyl with chamfered edges for comfort. This version of the Negative Hearts Vinyl Deluxe Choker is in an exclusive Math Magazine red colorway. Only available here. 

Materials: Math Magazine red vinyl, steel hardware.

Since every item is handmade by Negative Hearts and shipped from their studio, please allow 2-4 weeks production time before shipping.

SMALL fits necks 11.5-14” (29-35.5 cm)
MEDIUM fits 13-16” (33-40.5 cm)
LARGE fits 15-18” (38-46 cm)
To measure, wrap a flexible tape measure around the lower-middle part of your neck. If you don’t have that, you can use a string or shoelace and then measure that with a metal tape measure or ruler. 
There’s some overlap in the sizing, but it’s best to choose the size that fits nearer the center. For example, a 13” neck will fit both small and medium chokers, but the small will fit better since the preferred belt hole will be toward the center.