The Making of Math Magazine


Learn about how we make this wild new wave porno. From model contracts to behind-the-scenes photos, come here to see the making of Math Magazine.

On set with Cole Witter

On set with Cole Witter


Math Magazine Code of Ethics


All Math Magazine contributors and collaborators must agree to the following four tenants of production in order to be published in our magazine. In most cases, these policies apply to photo shoots yet maybe be applicable for live events, artwork production, and related work to be published in the magazine or on the website.




We will actively produce work that undermines the perpetuation of negative stereotypes by producing a selecting work that promotes the reality that every one is damn sexy and worthy of love. All involved in Math Magazine productions are treated with kindness and a nurturing spirit. We have zero tolerance for abuse, deceptive, false, unethical or unlawful practices.

Names, pseudonyms, pronouns, and social media tags must be attributed accurately or omitted according to collaborators wishes. All posting on social media must be cleared with subjects and magazine staff for accurate tagging, protection of identities, and campaign timing.




Safety is established through honesty, kindness, and taking precautions for the well-being of all involved. All models will be introduced to one another and the photographer prior to the date of shooting. Photo shoots and similar projects can not start before this is established. Safe sex is not only practiced, but promoted in all its forms including but not limited to condoms, safe words, emotional availability, and aftercare.

All parties must establish boundaries including an outline of approved acts and hard limits before the photo shoot that may be subject to change at any time. Clear communication about the opportunity to change these terms at any time during the shoot, ongoing consent checks between cast and crew is required. All participants are given plenty of time to read, review, and agree to their role on the production and our terms of publishing before signing and providing proof of age.

If sex acts are to occur on set, local laws must be followed with appropriate paperwork available should it be requested.




The opportunity to exchange ideas and make suggestions, no matter a person’s role on a project, must be available to all involved. Extra time should be spent on exchanging ideas, talking about each participants contribution to the team, and developing concepts that everyone is excited to support. Throughout the production process, it is essential that various forms of communication are available. This means that all parties must be clear on what their role is on the project. Math Magazine has a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. The only option is artistic integrity in the creation of visionary words and images rarely seen yet often sought.


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