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Some Musings from the Brooklyn-based Math Magazine Model

Photo by Mike Lavin

Photo by Mike Lavin

"For me, transcending and challenging gender roles is incredibly sexy.  I love being treated in an almost genderless way.  I feel the strongest attraction when I know I’m being seen as a whole person, which is what I loved most about the shoot.  MacKenzie was always making sure that all of me was in the frame, which I really appreciated.

The collaboration worked really well for me.  Looking back at the images was a great experience.  At first, my eye zeroed in on the imperfections, but after a while I couldn’t help but see the beautiful, happy person captured in the photos.  I could fall in love with the little details of a smirk or gesture that I had lived on the inside.

I think sex and performance both come from a really similar type of energy.  Both can be very vulnerable, empowering and variable.  Sometimes your chemistry with bandmates or the audience is off, but other nights the energy is incredibly spiritual and freeing.  It’s so satisfying to communicate with your sounds and your body, especially when what you’re getting back is as good as what you give.

I get very turned on by people and ideas who are able to excite my imagination.  Every so often I’ll get a weird fantasy in my head inspired by someone I’m really attracted to.  Creativity and variation are at the core of the way I interact musically and sexually." -- Alex Hex

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