Jarid Blue's Light Bath Experience, MM5 Release Party


We had so much fun at our Issue Five release party! Photographer, Jarid Blue, aka King Mallard, set up a light bath photo booth where guests got various degrees of undressed to collaborate on some trippy and sexy images. Here's what the artist had to say:

This project is meant to provide an outlet for people to shed insecurities and to feel comfortable in their own skin. The light aids participants in unlocking deeper emotions that I then try to capture and present in the photos. 

Sometimes the most minimal lines can speak volumes and accentuate the human form, or mask it completely and allow for the body take on another presence entirely. I had a blast getting to share my project with you all and was honored to be part of such a great event.

If you care to keep up to date with this project, are interested in booking me for an event, a private/group session, or would just like to see the progression of art that is being made you can follow me on Instagram / Facebook or check out my site JaridBlue.com.

(Images published with permission from models. Courtesy of Jarid Blue.)


MacKenzie Peck