Diary of a Pornographer, Nenetl Avril & Ingrid Mouth for Issue Five


On a sunny morning in Brooklyn, I arrived at a brightly decorated loft space for our shoot with the amazing porn performers Nenetl Avril and Ingrid Mouth. Meg Wachter saved the day by finding this beautiful, eclectic space in time for our models' brief visit to NYC because, when given an opportunity to work with performers you've been following for a while ... you just have to make it work!

With some reference images and an outline of a shot list in mind, we started by going through wardrobe options, staging the space, going over paperwork and boundaries, make-up, and testing for light. The space had these gorgeous, huge windows that looked over a sweet patio space. Sexy books and toys were sprinkled around for a few delightful discoveries. Overall it felt comfortable and inspiring!

Here are some images I collected and shared with the team in advance of the shoot. When you compare them to the final editorial, it’s clear how much shoot concepts change and how often reference images are really being used as jumping off points and set the general mood of the project rather than exact photos to recreate.

As Meg photographed Nenetl and Ingrid in different scenarios, I encouraged the models to explore the scene and communicated with Meg about the most important details to really focus on. I remember, watching the models, and asking the photographer to come in close on a certain interaction or set of expressions and she was already on it! It's the best when mind-sets link up like that. 

Here are the final layouts that are featured in Math Magazine Issue Five. You can get your hands on a copy at these fine retailers or our online shop, here!


Photos by Meg Wachter



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MacKenzie Peck