Featured Photographer: Clybee

1st Row: Pentax K1000, 28mm f/2.4 lens and Agfa APX 400 film
2nd Row: Instax Wide 300 camera and Fujifilm Instax film
3rd Row: Canon 5D and a 50mm f/1.8 lens

Clybee is a 23 year-old self-taught photographer from Strasbourg, France. She explains that she is mostly interested in intimate portraits and soft nudity. 

The Afterglow: Can you tell us about this series of photographs?

ClybeeThe idea behind this selection is: one inspiration, three cameras. 

For two years now, I have been particularly interested in the work of the great Francesca Woodman who is the subject of my Master's thesis. In one of her series, Francesca plays with a square of light coming through the room and acting out like a frame of light around the subject. It is this idea, this theme that I have been trying to reappropriate in my own way. 

Some say that everything has already been done, that every idea has been used, and that it's up to each artist to do the same things over and over again, but in their own way to make a difference.

The fact that I am using three different cameras -- a digital reflex, an analog reflex with black and white film and an instant camera -- is my way of representing the cycle of reappropriation of the same theme by different artists. Though I am the same behind each camera, the way they capture light, whether in color or in black and white, the difference in angles and focal length can be understood as an allegory for the different ways of capturing the same theme and the same subject.

MacKenzie Peck