Dan Savage's Hump! Film Fest 2017 Review


I was led to believe that Dan Savage’s Hump! Film Festival was amateur porn. After serving as a juror for Cinekink—of which some of the films overlap with Hump!—I had already experienced amazing independent porn films. Hump!, however, was far more polished and diverse than I was expecting. The amateur porn I am used to seeing often has bad audio, with hopefully not blurry or dim focus on humping body parts, which can be hot in its own way. Playboy calls Hump! “something of an artisanal counterpoint to the mainstream adult-film world.”

Photo courtesy of Hump! 2017

Photo courtesy of Hump! 2017


Artisanal is definitely an appropriate description. The film Breakfast in Bed is something you have to see to believe! It is carefree and romantic, but includes a kink that you might definitely not have a taste for! Describing it will ruin the experience, so you have to see it for yourself. There was murmuring in the audience as they began to see what was coming, and then a mixture of responses when it was clear it was going to happen.

The winners for Best Comedy, Birthday Boss and It’s Fucking Complicated, were utterly hysterical and the entire theater was shaking with laughter. Both movies were simple enough scenarios: a boss talking to his traveling partner on the phone, and a hot for each other couple getting ready to have sex for the first time respectively. But each situation imploded inanely, which was why it was so especially funny to watch.


It was artful, how both movies were so funny, and so sexy at the same time. It was like a sexy ode to the screwball comedies of the 1940s.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the winners for Best Sex, Fuck on the Mount and Summer Fuckation were extremely sexy. Both films were outdoors, so the cinematography and the actual sex was breathtaking. Fuck on the Mount was about a couple that enjoyed the outdoors—and each other tremendously! Summer Fuckation had aerial sex scenes, culminated in a group sex scene that elicited gasp after gasp.

Camping Trip was the sexiest thing ever. Ever. It was another outdoorsy film with two guy friends on a camping trip. Their discovery that they wanted to be intimate with one another stilled the audience, as what happened between them seemed choreographed by pure desire.

Correspondence was almost surreal as a film, with its split screens and occasionally grainy images. I was not sure what was going on, because it was hard to focus on any one side, but it was clear that taboos were broken as the characters connected and disconnected. Playing Scrabble was a game like none I had ever known before! I have never seen such a flood of kinky words on one board in any game I have played, and I have played a lot of Scrabble! Each kinky word was punctuated with a kinky act, which got kinkier, and kinkier as the game came to an end.


I was glad that friends who went to see Hump! before me did not tell me anything about the films, because everything was a surprise. There were plots with twists in many of the films, and the audience was responsive to every storyline as it unfolded.


All of the films were pretty sexy, it is hot to see bodies and stories that do not adhere to what is trendy. The films were as diverse as the reasons why people have sex, which provided a myriad of situations and encounters on the screen. Romance was not dead in Fucking Boring, which started with an intense and hot BDSM scene that wound down into a sweet romance.

Not all of the films were romantic, but that was the point. Hump! is a film experience in which you could not connect or connect with what you were seeing on the screen. Not everything on the display was something that might arouse you. But as long as you were respectful to the, “your kink is not my kink,” mantra, the film experience was engrossing. Hump! is an experience in which you can be fluidly aroused by a succession of scenes with different performers, with nothing to do with each other except being sex-positive and hot. You could be completely aroused, even if what you saw was not what you expected to turn you on and that is the purpose of porn—amateur or professional! To make you want to hump a person, a pillow or whatever!


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Photos courtesy of Hump! 2017

Photos courtesy of Hump! 2017

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