Post-Fetish: Zana Bayne at Museum of Sex


Zana Bayne is a high quality, NYC-based leather brand under the creative direction of Zana Bayne and Todd Pendu.  Before starting her namesake leather accessories and harness venture, Bayne ran a nightlife and fashion blog called "Garbage Dress."  Now, celebrities like Madonna, Debbie Harry, and Beyonce are rocking their designs.  The term "post-fetish" was coined by Co-Creative Director Todd Pendu as "decontextualizing traditional fetish gear into aesthetic accessories to be incorporated into everyday wear."

Post-Fetish, the exclusive MoSex x Zana Bayne collaboration and installation, is open until October 2017 and showcases some of the brand's most iconic costume pieces worn by celebrities.  We went to the exhibit's opening last week and loved seeing all the cool people and goodies!  Items from this collection are available for purchase in-store or at the Museum of Sex's online shop.


Photos and article by Ginger Hollander, exclusively for The Afterglow.

Ginger Hollander