Behind the Shoot with Morgan Zakarin

Math Magazine, Issue Five photographer Morgan Zakarin reflects on her shoot with us last Summer. 

We all just want to be in love. Photographing my first porn; what a way to show the world the amount of love I have to give and stretch for other eyes to see. The porn industry is something that constantly perplexed me from a very young age, and I'm so grateful that I let it intrigue me the way it did. I created this affinity for nudity and it's something I focus on in my work, being naked, spiritually and physically. The two beings here are living and breathing each other, Miranda and Jasper. I could feel their energy when I first met them. Miranda called me a blue mermaid when we first met. Jasper loved my organite yoni necklace. (An organite is a crystal created by a human being.) 

The scene MacKenzie and I created on the Youtopia rooftop was very sacred and ceremonial. The two lovers were comforted by red and orange pillows and blankets. My interactions with the couple were so up close. I felt very blessed. I love experiencing love in all the ways that it takes shape. Perceiving with feeling and my seeing, I stayed 4-5 inches away from their bodies most of the time. I saw golden shimmers and so much sweat.


To see photos from the shoot, order your copy of Math Magazine Issue Five
MacKenzie Peck