Vanity Adult Fan Expo 2017


On Saturday, September 16th, sexxxyness in "The Six" ascended to a whole new stratosphere, with the Vanity Fan Expo at Bloke Nightclub on King Street. Another porn-tastic gathering of erotically-inspired adults, actors, artists and appreciators commenced, in a one-day extravaganza of meet-and-greets, question and answer sessions, photo ops, kink accessories and assorted vibrators, strap-ons and dildos, Nuru massages, burlesque, good music and who knows what else might happen when scantily clad models, good vibrations, consent, connection and grandiose intentions combine in a cozy little club in the King St. party district! 

Put together by George Iceman, and sponsored by Brazzers, Oasis Aqualounge, 7th Heaven Adult Club, and others, there was a very respectable variety of options and events offered all day. Doors opened at noon, but anyone that had some good sex last night was still eating brunch and/or getting rid of a hangover, so things didn't start picking up for the first few hours. It actually didn't matter at all, because DJ Delirious was in the building, providing nothing but the PERFECT musical soundtrack to the day: sexy R&B, hot ass hip-hop hits, some dutty dancehall stuff and just straight sweet sounds to keep the event feeling erotic and intimate. Even better, it wasn't long to wait until Playboy cyber model Meghan Leopard came prowling through the venue, shining her million-watt smile and flaunting her petite and irresistibly curvaceous frame for the early supporters appreciation. The host George Iceman asked her a few playful questions like "Who's your favorite male porn star?" to which Meghan cheekily replied "...I like girls!" and "what is your favorite sexual position?" (She likes to be on top), and then she took pictures with the fans, hugging, smiling and speaking with the dozens of (mostly) men there to gaze upon her greatness. Next porn star to grace the stage was Mia Malkova, with her peach mini skirt and golden blonde tresses framing her porcelain-perfect face, she was the perfect porn professional, answering questions about the biz, talking about her love for sex and actually kinda stealing the crown for 'girl next door' of the night... I saw her interacting with so many people, and she gracefully sidestepped requests to show her tits, which was very wonderful to see it was an option, not a prerequisite. 

And now for something completely different: Nuru massage featuring Mistress Lexi Rose... and surprise guest: Malcolm Lovejoy aka yours truly! A featured Canadian porn star at the event, Lexi Rose had planned to do a hot-ass stage performance with some slippery Nuru massage oil and one lucky bloke on the receiving end. If you can picture the pleasure party being painted here, she applied the oils without using her hands! Her fiery red hair, super-small G-string, star-shaped nipple pasties and sparkling eyes continues to be a stunning combination that I can't ever resist or deny worshipping with all my passion (we've shot about 15-20 porn/webcam scenes together already), so I joyfully laid on the leather bench chair, as the DJ spun sexy music for Lexi to gyrate and grind the Nuru oils all into my body. Oh yeah, did I mention I was only wearing tiny red PVC shorts as this was all happening? Yeah, so there's that. Malcolm Lovejoy and Lexi Rose: together at last! Reunited and it feels so good... lots of people were screaming and cheering for this part of the show, and it was awesome to erase the line between porn appreciator on the outside to performer in the sexy proceedings. 

Next up was a nice little excursion to Burlesqueville, with a frosted-white classic Victorian-era model blessing the crowd with her pristine prominent poise, and she went by the name of Frannypanties. A nice touch of lace and tradition was good to balance out everything else, as sexuality should offer all the diversity that the world has to offer ...

Turning another 180 degrees into the danger zone: next up was probably the most electrifying moment of the day, and certainly the most unpredictable and amazing to witness first-hand: the immortal Adriana Chechik, AVN 2017 Performer of the Year. Damn, damn, damn. This enormous little superstar exploded everything in her lovely warpath when she stepped on stage! Taking no prisoners, deny all shyness, laughing, loving and living her #pornlife to the fullest, she was on fire, making everyone laugh and fall in love with her magnetic personality. Oh yeah, her nipples were stabbing reality in the eyeball as her beauty escaped the very slender edges of her purple G-string outfit, and it was SUCH a gloriously porny moment to behold. 

She let her fans do WAY more interacting than anyone had any right to expect, and the shock of the hour came when a super-bold older Asian man put all his courage balls on the table and straight up asked her "Can I have a lap dance?" during the Q&A session, which Adriana said "Yes!" 

He pulled out his wallet to give her money... she refused it... she then proceeded to straddle, grind, hump and do marvelously horny things to this portly fellow... and in the midst of her giving him all of her ass, legs and waist to enjoy for a song's length of heaven-time... THIS FOOL PULLED OUT HIS CELLPHONE AND STARTED TEXTING!!! Most of the men in the audience groaned and screamed bloody murder at this oblivious chowderhead... paying attention to his phone WHILE a world-class porn star is giving him THE Dream of Life for Free! She did NOT take kindly to this egregious display of disrespect to the goddess dance, and she immediately made him kiss her studded high heel, as she perched it on his thigh. Then what happened next was OF PORN LEGEND. Stories that are told around the campfire to adults that are young and sexy at heart... as Adriana Chechik, still irritated that this foolio would DARE to not stargaze into her essence the whole time she was lap-dancing him and only him, she put her foot down, put her other foot up: and then began furiously SMASHING her clit and pussy RIGHT ON STAGE, and before the cellphone-loving dude knew it, Adriana was SQUIRTING all over the stage for all of us to enjoy and witness! And as the grandest of grand finales: she wiped her freshly-dripping pussy with one enormous upstroke, and then wiped it all across her lapdancee's mouth and face, and walked the fuck away from him, off stage. This might have been the most phenomenal display of automatic sexual dominance I have witnessed in 2017. Adriana Chechik is The People's Porn Champion, please fucking believe the words I am saying to youuu! Magical.

I went outside to take a breather... and who did I see on the streets? Brazzers superstar Nicolette Shea! The woman I came here to see in person! Dreams. Come. True. In. Porn. Trust me! She was perfectly professional and completely approachable, saying she liked my name "Malcolm Lovejoy" and she even grabbed my camera to take a few selfies together with her and me! I was on Cloud 9. Fangirling out hard, yes I was. Nicolette Shea is arguably the most in-demand mainstream porn star of 2017. She's like the Scarlett Johannsen or Charlize Theron of heterosexual porn right now, one of the biggest actors on the planet. And yet, she was cracking jokes and not being distant whatsoever. It was a delight to experience such a beautiful woman in a space where she could be adored extremely and it not be intrusive or aggressive. All three main stars then gathered outside for pictures: Mia Malkova, Adriana Chechik and Nicolette Shea, on the red carpet on King St., and the paparazzi flash wall happened, as it should. Conservative and unaware Toronto muggles, probably enamored deeply by the movie culture of TIFF and the mainstream film industry walked past "The Other Hollywood" actors, probably in shock, awe and astonishment (and some in silent respect and hidden appreciation, of course), as world-class porn starlets gathered on the sidewalk, sharing their sweet sexuality and identities for all those who cared to care. Back inside, right before Nicolette took the stage for her Q&A, the Oasis Lounge Aquaflirts did some dangerously hot dancing on the couches to Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love', and then the lovely transgirls and transboys at Grooby Girls continued with a dance-off on the bar countertop. The fun just didn't stop all day! 

Then, Nicolette Shea walks onto the stage, and everything slows the fuck down for a minute. This is what the universe means when it says; "STOP. Stop and just smell the roses, sometimes." To appreciate her beauty in person is difficult to describe in mere words and letters. Her visual magnificence, the glow of her skin, and the proportions of her curves are truly beyond the imaginative boundaries of most mortal men, women, and people... but there they are! George Iceman chatted up Nicolette very respectfully, and FYI: when it was asked if Nicolette is into doing kink and bondage scenes in the future, her answer was thankfully "Yes!", she said "Danny D fucked the shit outta me!" when asked who one of her favorite porn partners was (I saw it, and hell yes it was great), and also, when asked if she would be doing "IR" aka interracial scenes in the future, she replied in the happily affirmative, warming the hearts and uplifting the dreams of Malcolm Lovejoys around the world. All the ladies then gathered at the bar, signed autographs, took pictures, drank drinks, and spread good vibes to each other. It started off quiet and ended with a squirt of a bang... especially when it came to any wise person's awareness that Nicolette Shea was NOT wearing any underwear on stage! The Gates to Heaven were visible to my lucky eyes, and my basic instincts were deeply satisfied, word to Sharon fucking Stone. Wow.

Overall, the Vanity Fan Expo was simply another solid event in Toronto's ever-growing pornography industry, and I hope to see it come back next year with even more promotion, more superstars, more Canadian talent, and more sexxxy adventurous people coming out to support adult entertainment and consensual sex culture in all its various forms. My name is Malcolm Lovejoy, and a few more of my deepest dreams in #pornlife came true at the Vanity Fan Expo of 2017. Thanks to everyone that was there, and everyone that helped make it happen. Stay sexy, and keep creating your fantasies, on screen and off-screen!

P.S. Thank you to Nicolette Shea for presenting me with the Brazzers t-shirt that I won... for showing her my cock to prove I was willing to go the extra mile for her. One peek and she said "Oh you definitely deserve this!!" and gave me a nice little present I'll always cherish.... 

Sincerely yours, 
Adhimu Stewart aka Malcolm Lovejoy, 
Professional Love Maker

MacKenzie Peck