An Interview with the Artists Behind Dicks N' Kittens

                                                                                                  TFW  awwww  quickly transitions to  oh my .

                                                                                                  TFW awwww quickly transitions to oh my.


Have you ever seen an incredibly cute animal — maybe on the internet, maybe in real life, maybe your roommate's boyfriend just adopted a kitten named Butters, maybe you are watching a baby goat hop down a cliff on Planet Earth — and thought: If only there were some way to incorporate really stiff penises to this! Fear not for you are not alone. 

Faye and Zoeteke are the Amsterdam-based artists behind Dicks N' Kittens, a hot-new endeavor weaving the worlds of beautiful and adorable nature photography with erect cocks and startling, titilating masculine sexuality.

We caught up with them to learn about their backgrounds, motivations and what the future holds beyond Dicks 'N Kittens. Read the interview below the break.

                                                                                                  Polly is, finally, no longer wanting.

                                                                                                  Polly is, finally, no longer wanting.


Math: When did you start this project and what prompted it?

Faye & Zoeteke: We started this project back in 2013. We wanted to learn photoshop, instead of making boring tutorial images we decided to create something we didn’t mind looking at for hours in a row: Dicks ’N Kittens was born.

M: Where do you find these exquisite kittens and penises? 

F & Z: Google is our friend. We look forward to the day that we can work with real models. Submissions are always welcome :) 

M: What would a Dicks 'N Kittens mission statement sound like?

F & Z: Happy dicks for everyone!

M: Where do you draw inspiration for these pieces?

F & Z: We wish we could give a good shanty shanty answer but honestly some 90’s hiphop, female rapper like princess nokia and a little hashish sure does the trick.

M: Could you talk about your guys' backgrounds (as artists, as people, as dick-kitten enthusiasts, etc.)?

F & Z: We grew up together since our mothers were best friends. Coincidentally we both did production for film & tv for a while but we didn’t like the stress that comes with that line of work. So now we’re pursuing a more creative path:) 

M: How did you get into erotic photoshopping?

F & Z: Well, while looking for some inspiration we couldn’t really find nice looking guys with nice looking dicks. It was a lot of, nice dick a shame of your face though situations. Also we found that there was not enough fun in (woman’s) porn. Everything was either really porna or softglowy or just plain gangbang hardcore.

 So I guess we kinda started our own style of “exoticness.”

                                                                                                                      Kangaroo Jack Me Off. 

                                                                                                                      Kangaroo Jack Me Off. 


M: What are your favorite pieces and what has the response been so far?

F & Z: Dolphin Dick! Something  about that piece just never bores. With the dicks jumping out of the water, it really feels like our celebration piece! 

To our surprise we get a lot of requests for DICKS ’N KITTENS merchandise. 

M: We've seen howling bears with six-packs and hard cocks and we've seen penis-horned unicorns and very unsettling fish with penis-gills and of course dicks and kittens: but what is oncoming? What else do you have in the arsenal!

F & Z: JAPANESE CHEESECAKE is focussed to tell stories via images and txt. And while we love doing editorial work we feel most comfortable with one publisher who supports our brainfarts.

 And with DICKS ’N KITTENS we just want to take over :) 

Be it the dixie toilets on festivals, our own boat at the canal pride, an article on Kanamara Matsuri in Japan to the most exclusive magic mike on acid party you’ll ever set eyes on. We’re gonna do it all.

M: Have you given any thought to using different (more) body types — like not only washboard abs and hard penises but more bodies across the human spectrum and in their various states?

F & Z: When we look for images online we have a certain “vision” and what we make definitely shows a fantasy. So we are not about reality.

But if the body fits;) cause fantasies change but for now it’s all aboot that rock hard dick.

M: Beautiful, Thank you <3

For more hop over to their website here and check out all of their dick-filled art.


Holden Taylor