Math Magazine Editor-in-Chief Goes Valentine's Day Shopping ... For Herself


Hey, I'm going to take a break from working on MM6 to go online shopping for some sexy things. I  already have a quarter of a million browser tabs open right now, so let's do this! And fun fact, did you know that Valentine's Day is also my birthday? I was literally born for my job!  

xo MacKenzie

Unbound Babes , Truth or Dare Cards,  $15.00

Unbound Babes, Truth or Dare Cards, $15.00

Since I'm starting to think about working on a Math Magazine play party, I've been thinking about icebreakers that don't suck and ways to create an opportunity for guests to transition into sexy-time and this card game from Unbound look like a great place to start! 

Unbound , Golden Chain Bralette,  $10.00

Unbound, Golden Chain Bralette, $10.00

I like the idea of putting this over anything to make it more magic. More glittery sex magic. 

Chanel, Coco Crush Ring, $2,350

Chanel, Coco Crush Ring, $2,350

I'm kind of embarrassed that I like this luxe ring. And isn't it ironic that Coco thought paying a lot for jewelry was stupid and was a pioneer of "costume jewelry?"

Aire Spa , Ancient Thermal Bath & 30 min Massage,  $146.30

Aire Spa, Ancient Thermal Bath & 30 min Massage, $146.30

This New York legend is a place I've been wanting to go to for a while now. Plus, I love massages and need all the help I can get to set aside time for relaxing and unwinding. 

Dame Products , Eva II,  $135

Dame Products, Eva II, $135

I mean, have you seen the new charging dock?! Can't wait to try this new model of a Dame Products classic. 

The Quite Delightful  Project, Quite Lovely.  £35.00

The Quite Delightful Project, Quite Lovely. £35.00

The Quite Delightful Project has been a big inspiration for me from the start. 

Fleet Ilya , Classic O-Ring Tiny Cage Bag, £795.00

Fleet Ilya, Classic O-Ring Tiny Cage Bag, £795.00

Fleet Ilya , Cut Out Knickers,  £282.00

Fleet Ilya, Cut Out Knickers, £282.00

It's kind of disturbing to me just how sexy these pieces by Fleet Ilya are, like I can't handle it. 

Lovehoney , Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint,  $45.00

Lovehoney, Bondage Boutique Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint, $45.00

I can't believe I don't already own this BDSM essential. EVERYONE has it. Everyone.

Stockroom , Michelle Strap-On Harness,  $77.93

Stockroom, Michelle Strap-On Harness, $77.93

It's so fucking cute! Holy shit! 

Pornceptual , Black Latex Crop Top, KOLI,  €58.00

Pornceptual, Black Latex Crop Top, KOLI, €58.00

Pornceptual is a really cool German porn company that has inspired me a ton! I've had my eye on this piece for a little too long to not own it yet! I love that it's cropped so that the latex is a bit more breathable for a latex n00b, like me. 

UrbanStems , 6 month Subscription,  $300

UrbanStems, 6 month Subscription, $300

I'd love to have fresh flowers arriving regularly, automatically! 

Erika Lust , XConfessions, 1-year membership,  $99.95

Erika Lust, XConfessions, 1-year membership, $99.95

Someone has GOT TO renew my Erika Lust, XConfessions Membership! It's for work ;P

Meilun , Women's Rayon Stap V-Neck Bandage Bodycon Party Dress,  $52.00

Meilun, Women's Rayon Stap V-Neck Bandage Bodycon Party Dress, $52.00

... Because, like, why am I even working out? Just kidding, I really like what weight lifting does for my mental health, my connection with my partner, and I like being STRONG. Also, this dress is hot! 

Thistle & Spire , Constellation Long Line Bra,  $59.00

Thistle & Spire, Constellation Long Line Bra, $59.00

Everything from Thistle & Spire is beautiful and perfect and the owners are very nice. 

Artwork by  Dan Gluibizzi

Artwork by Dan Gluibizzi

I would love to start adding to our art collection more. I'm a big fan of Dan Gluibizzi's work. He's a long-time advocate of the magazine, and one of our first contributors! This piece was in Issue Zero! 

Kookie , Leather Grip Long Crop

Kookie, Leather Grip Long Crop

I like how the classy design of this crop only serves to amplify its aggression. 


DISCLAIMER: Yes, I actually am hoping ya'll will buy these things for me. And secondly, I know some of the people who work at some of these companies / are these people (like Dan) and in some cases we've collaborated on business stuff. They're really nice and cool people. 

Tina Lugo , "But I'm A Sailor Scout,"  $700

Tina Lugo, "But I'm A Sailor Scout," $700

Something intense and erotic by Tina Lugo. 

Tom of Finland , Wooden Tray,  $32.00

Tom of Finland, Wooden Tray, $32.00

I just want to integrate this image into my everyday life, basically. 

Babeland , OhMiBod blueMotion Remote Vibrator,  $129.00

Babeland, OhMiBod blueMotion Remote Vibrator, $129.00

There's an app for that. Need I say more? 

Massive Goods , Tagame Shibari T-Shirt,  $60.00

Massive Goods, Tagame Shibari T-Shirt, $60.00

Going pink/red and low-key kinky with the wardrobe, 2018.

Massive Goods,  The Passion Bag,  $350.00

Massive Goods, The Passion Bag, $350.00

I saw this at the NYABF a few years ago and I've LONGED for it ever since! 

Boy Smells , Kush, Ash, Cedar Stack Votive Set, $44.00

Boy Smells, Kush, Ash, Cedar Stack Votive Set, $44.00

I like to set mood with scent! <3