The Glorious Hole


Jake Szeligowski drops in to share about artist Ross Collab's new installation, exploring the cultural touchstone that is the glory hole. We here at Math love holes, both glorious and not. Read on below.


It’s Oscar Sunday and Ross Collab has packed his Brooklyn studio space with people coming to see his experimental instillation, The Glorious Hole. Ross’s studio which is generally filled with plants, art, and often the naked boys we see on instagram has been cleared away for this singular piece.

photo by Cole Witter

photo by Cole Witter

Since moving to New York City over two years ago Ross has talked about producing a series of glory holes. Originally conceived as a still photography project, a medium most familiar to Ross’s body of work. He was inspired to make something tactile and alive.

Thinking about queer spaces and the influence of gay culture in NYC the glory hole is a fitting motif in the ever changing dialogue of sex and sexuality. With the likes of Instagram and Grindr the ways which we communicate and sexualize the body have continued to morph over the last century, especially in NYC. With social media there no longer is the need for Chelsea Peers, and Time Square peep shows to hook up and meet fellow queers. Ross aims to desexualize what society often sexualizes critiquing a history of pleasure and shame.

The Glorious Hole dominates the space, a wall covered in 220 pounds of real green grapes out of a center hole a large uncut penis flops out onto the glossy mass of grapes. Inspired by the relationship between the lust for dick and the equally sensualized need for food the Glorious Hole plays on human needs of desire. The grapes insight a Dionysian feel reminiscent of classical Romanesque painting. Throughout the presentation Ross mists both the grape and dick, keeping them lusty and tempting viewers to touch and taste (though viewers cannot do so).

This is only the first in what Ross hopes is a series of Glorious Hole’s to come.

photo by Cole Witter

photo by Cole Witter


For more on Ross Collab visit their site and their Instagram. Photographer Cole Witter's work can be found at their website and Instagram. Writer Jake Szeligowski can be found on Instagram here

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