Issue Seven Call for Submissions


For the first time ever we are sharing a theme, a
deadline, and some ideas we'd really love to see. 



  • This is what we are looking for and when to submit your work 

  • Priority will be given to work that features POC, LBGQTIA people, intersectional ideas, feminist ideals, niche kinks, sex positivity, narratives that feature consent, taboo themes portrayed with nuance, bodies rarely seen in mainstream media including but not limited to non-binary presenting people, trans folks, people older than 40, people with disabilities, someone who wears clothing bigger than a size 12, and anyone who feels their presence in our mag will empower others in some way. 

  • Priority will be given to work that falls within the descriptions below, arrives before the deadline, and meets the file requirements


  • Deadline: Please submit by JUNE 18, midnight Eastern-Standard Time

  • Please include files as attachments (do not put submission in body of email) and include your name, title of the piece in all file names. Whenever possible please compress files so there aren’t a lot of individual attachments.

  • Please keep files as small and as organized as possible. 


We don’t hold too tightly to themes but this time we are thinking a lot about learning, first-times, diagrams, new experiences, explorations, lessons, DIYs, experiments, and step-by-step guides and how-to’s. 


  • A collection of images of piercings for augmented sexual experiences, for example Tongue, nipple, dick. Possibly with quotes about what sensations they provide for the wearer and others

  • Objects in action. Using found objects for unusual and clever sexy purposes, shot like still-lives, fashion editorial-style slickness. For example using a iPhone charger to bind someone’s wrists, a bar of soap as a gag, food as an impact toy, penetration with something unusual but still identifiable. Each house hold object occupying the majority of the image, detail shots (can mostly be anonymous) and would like to see several different models, one for each image even. 

  • Recreate iconic moments in porn but made more queer, contemporary, and featuring more POC. High production quality, lots of color. A small series of 3-4 images. 

  • Underwater sex in a swimming pool, the ocean, a lake. Where we can see above and below. 

  • MMF, intimate and real 

  • Trying out different toys

  • Sweat / Wrestling / sports (bonus points for uniforms) 

  • Hair: Different kinds and places

  • Squirting and Spitting

  • Nipple suction

  • Non-human Examples: Furries, human dolls, horse role play

  • Glory hole / anonymous sex set-up

  • Hot scenes featuring a small penis

  • Enemas / Doctor fantasy 


  • Impossible fantasies that defy the laws of (this) reality, Examples: Intergalactic sex, time travel sex, pre-historic sex, sex with dinosaurs

  • Multi-media depictions of pleasure, sex, masturbation, orgasms, foreplay, using toys

  • A digram outlining how to do an uncommon or misunderstood fetish or kink (bonus points for a focus on inclusiveness and safety) examples: urethral sounding, needle play, electricity, stranger fetish

  • What do you wish porn looked like but never see?

  • Androgeny, gender queer

  • Voyeur / Public sex

  • Drag awesomeness

  • Vacation fantasy or Work place fantasy

  • Sex magic

  • Combinations of photos and 3D renderings

  • Sculpture


  • Letters to the Editor / Mail Bag. Send us what you think of past magazine features, events, and social media happenings. Tell us what you think, make requests, ask for advice, share stories related to or inspired by Math Magazine

  • How-Tos, Step-by-Steps, Guides on an uncommon or misunderstood fetish or kink (with a focus on inclusiveness and safety) eg, age play, enacting rape fantasies, body encasements

  • Sex with a stranger

  • Retired couples getting wild, trying something new

  • Hetero guy enjoying anal sex (doesn’t have to be submissive)

  • Personal exploration story of a female or femme person learning about their body, finding what kind of sensations they like, how to masturbate, honing techniques and discovering new ones

  • Enjoying sex after trauma 

  • Size fantasy, big scale shift: tiny person / giant person

  • Sex with machines in the future

  • Electricity play

  • Ways that the past was way kinkier than people generally think

  • Short porn site and book reviews

  • Fin-Domming 

  • Stripper stories of glory

  • Dirty sex in a fancy place

MacKenzie Peck