Math Magazine Fall Internships


Fall 2018 Internship Application Details

Natalie, MacKenzie, Amy, Ginger, and Gina: the Summer 2018 NYC team

Natalie, MacKenzie, Amy, Ginger, and Gina: the Summer 2018 NYC team


Deadline: Sunday, September 16th

Internship Timeframe: October 1st - December 1st, 2018

Open Positions

Social Media Intern

Help develop social media tone and style guides to maintain a consistent look and feel no matter who from our team is posting. Help implement strategies and posting schedules for the Math Magazine Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts. Help maintain a consistent voice, aesthetic, and user engagement including responding to comments and DMs.

Operations Intern

Help refine the processes and tools we use to do business including order fulfillment, retailer accounts, communication amongst the team, and assist the Editor-in-Chief with regular operations. Research ways we can do our work better, especially order fulfillment and customer service. Help track and evaluate key performance indicators.

Advertising & Partnerships Intern

Help contact potential advertisers and sponsors who have values and goals in line with ours. Maintain communication with these companies while developing a sales pipeline and necessary presentation materials. Build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with organizations. 

Personal Assistant Intern

Help the Editor-in-Chief answer emails, schedule meetings, and keep tasks organized. Help research and plan for projects and new initiatives. Help find tools to make the EIC’s job easier and more organized. Run errands from time-to-time. Assist at Math events and help communicate with other Math team members and contributors.

Editorial Assistant Intern

Help organize submissions to the magazine and The Afterglow. Relay information to contributors including legal paperwork. Come up with ideas for our blog, The Afterglow, make a plan for making them happen and see it through to being published.  Help run the Twitter account. Help find new talent to contribute.  Assist with copy editing for the magazine, blog, and social media feeds.

Photography Intern

Attend and photograph local events in-line with our brand. Share those photos on our social media feeds, including live streaming, blog, and website. Assist in coordinating, planning, producing photo shoots for the magazine. Help keep photo production details organized. Help put together mood boards, communicate ideas to collaborators, and research options for locations, supplies, and collaborators. 

Graphic Design Intern

Help with honing our style guide and design standards, across platforms including Snapchat, Mailchimp. Squarespace, Instagram, Twitter, and print. Will be needed for quick turn-around projects for social media especially. You'll work in collaboration with various team members to help bring their message to followers and readers. We'll look to you for advice on how to advance our message and mission using design. 


  • Must be in the NYC area and able to meet 2 times a week, help with some events in the evening and weekends. Lately, we’ve been meeting at The Outpost Café in Brooklyn, this might change.
  • All positions are part-time and unpaid
  • Must have your own laptop, necessary programs for your department ex: Adobe Creative Suite for photography or Microsoft Office for editorial
  • Depending on your department plan on some communication, on off days, via text, email, Slack, or DM


  • Some experience in department whether through school, professional work, past internships, or independent work
  • Must be able to work solo with focus and organization. We often accumulate lots of tasks and ideas and it's important that you are able to prioritize and keep track of it all
  • A passion for our mission, vision, and plans for the future.
  • Personal interest in the work that we do and how you can contribute.

How to Apply

  • Send work examples as a PDF with your name and the position your applying for in the file name.
  • 2-3 references including their email and how they know you.
  • In a brief cover letter tell me why you are interested in working for Math, what you plan on contributing to the team, and what you hope to learn from the experience. Lastly, include a few times you are available to meet for an interview.
  • E-mail Math Magazine Founder & Editor in Chief, MacKenzie Peck at and be sure to use the subject line: Fall 2018 Internship Application, and the roll you'd like to have on the team. 
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