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While attending my first ever Sex Expo as a sex blogger back in September of last year, I decided to have some business cards made to hand out at the event and to the vendors who would be there. It was my first time ever introducing myself as a Sex Blogger, but I didn’t feel as weird as I thought I would.

While handing out my cards and talking about vibrators, dildos, and vibrating butt plugs, I came across a table, where I saw a toy bouncing up and down. In amazement, I went over to check it out. One of the Ambassadors for the company was controlling to the toy with their phone. I immediately started to ask questions and interact with their other products. I introduced myself as a Sex Blogger and Sex Toy reviewer, handed them one of my cards, which they handed me one of their press kits, a really cute and unique USB card. About two or so weeks later, I got an email from them, saying that they got my card from the SheExpo event and would like for me to review one of their toys. I was honored and delighted.

That companies is Imtoys and that toy is the Gazelle. The Imtoys Gazelle is a smart vibrator, which is a part of the companies “ZOO” Collection of toys, that comes pre-programed with 16 vibration modes, and comes with a rabbit ear attachment. But wait! There’s more! The Gazelle is completely waterproof, made with body-safe silicone, and is rechargeable. But its most special feature is that it can be paired with a smart phone to create a customizable, interactive experience by syncing the toy to vibrate to songs, videos, customize vibrations with voice, and by physically shaking your device.

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Let’s talk about packaging. Pink. Just pink. The box is very nice and sturdy and houses the toy very well. It kind of resembles a draw to me. Where you can slide the box out, rather than flipping a top to open it. Inside the package you have the Gazelle and all its light pink frilliness, along with its magnetic charger, matching rabbit ear attachment, instruction guide, and warranty papers. It’s beautifully presented and you can tell they took their time with creating the packaging for the Gazelle.

After examining the packaging, I took out the Gazelle and turned it on. The vibrations were not as strong as I would have like them to be, so I charged it for a couple hours before playing with it. Figuring that it probably needed more juice to get it going. While I’m not a fan of magnetic charging, the charger did stay connected to the toy while charging, even when I moved it around. So charger connectivity issues for this toy, in my opinion, is not a concern. After it was fully charged I examined it a little closer. The silicone on the toy was very soft and plush to the touch. The only negative thing I have to say about the packaging was that it did not come with a storage pouch for the toy. A big pet peeve for me.

The design of the Gazelle is pretty doable and universal. It does take on a traditional look of a wand massager, while having some modern flare to it. A bulbous head assumed for clit stimulation with a decent size handle, and soft silicone that has a nice grip to it, makes this toy great for holding and positioning this toy any way you want while using it.

When I think about sex toys that have the added feature to be used with smartphones, I don’t like to call them a vibrator or just another sex toy. I call them advanced technology. Why? Because while it’s no surprise for something like this to exist in the sex toy industry today, meaning that the idea of this concept was never thought to be possible, or maybe it was by some, but not for me, I still wouldn’t call it “Basic Technology”. This technology allows for a more interactive experience sex toys. And while it can enhance pleasure it gives and the features of a product, it can also be the products down fall. However, that wasn’t the case for this product.

You see, the Gazelle has the ability to be used alone or with an app, which you can download for free and compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems. When I was at the She Expo trying out the products, the added phone feature seemed to be the most emphasized and hyped selling point for the Zoo Collection. And while it is in fact very cool, it doesn’t necessarily speak to those who just want to masturbate how they normally would without the aid of a phone. With that being said, I really enjoyed the usability and accessibility of this app and think it is by far the most easy to use and set up. Did I also mention that you can name your Gazelle in the app? Yes. You can do that.

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Connecting the phone to the toy was pretty simple. You simply turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and turn the device on. Go to the app and presto its connected. One of my main concerns was that when using the Gazelle, that it would lose connectivity with my phone when I moved the device away from my phone to connect it. I had a very painful (painful as in annoying) experience with a product that would lose connectivity as soon it was moved away from my phone. Not a good look when you’re trying to masturbate. The Gazelle however did not lose its connectivity to my phone. It was a good distance away from my phone during testing. Maybe 2 to 3 feet. Which I found to be reasonable.

The one feature I enjoyed the most was the ability to draw patterns and watch them come to life. Syncing videos and music was also cool. It takes masturbating to a sexy song to a whole new level. You can also sync vibrations to your voice. A soft voice will give you a gentle, rumbly vibrations, while a loud voice will give you strong, rumbly vibrations. A very nice feature for bondage play.

While this feature does make the toy unique and it’s a damn good one to, I wouldn’t tell anyone to buy it for that reason, unless they 1: really like the idea of using their phone with as vibrator or 2: wanted to use it as a couple’s toy. I think it’s beautiful as a couple’s toy. I personally was a bit annoyed using my phone with the Gazelle as it kept both my hands occupied and I like to have at least one free. You can use the phone to make customized patterns that last longer, but the 16 different vibration patterns that are pre-programed in the unit itself should get the job done.

And speaking of getting the job done, let’s talk about the toy without the phone feature. The vibrations on this toy was rumbly with a little bit of buzz. Enough to get me there, but I have experienced stronger. But then something magical happened. I put on that bunny ear attachment which looks very reminiscent of Louise from Bob’s Burgers, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. That attachment allows for some great pinpoint stimulation and transfers the vibrations very well. Holding a single ear of the attachment against my clit was amazing. The silicone on the attachment was very soft and has allot of give to. Making it easy to put on and take off of the Gazelle.


Of the 16 pre-programed patterns, I only used the first 4, which are intensities. Those were the ones I like the most because I like allot of consistency in my life. The single button the Gazelle is used to turn it on/off and scroll through the patterns. One button for many functions actually works really well for most wand massagers. I also like that it doesn’t remember the pattern I was last on and starts at the lowest intensity every time I turn it on.

My overall thoughts on the Gazelle is that it is a well thought out product. I love that it’s body-safe and is well made. I also didn’t like that a storage pouch was not included. The toy is very cute, but I was not a huge fan of the light pink color. I thought it was a nice change from the ridiculously girly pinks out there, but would have love to see this toy in a more neutral color or at least different color options as the entire Imtoys Zoo Collection is in this color. I do however like the metallic details on the toy and the charger and think it bring a nice modern aesthetic to the product. And as a side note, I was told that there is a dark purple version of the Gazelle that should be coming out within a month. So if you’re like me and don’t care for the light pink color, then you have another option color option.

Being able to sync your smartphone to the Gazelle, gave a more interactive experience that was enjoyable and was easy to navigate for even the most laymen of users. While the app is very nice and has allot of cool features, I don’t think that a solo user would find their experience using the unit with a phone to be fun or enjoyable and more of an inconvenience. I think couples would enjoy the added phone feature which is great for a more interactive play.

The toy by itself is great. Those pre-programed patterns are perfect for those who want to use the toy for solo play. The vibrations are decently strong, but when paired with the rabbit ear attachment, you can concentrate those vibrations to one area, intensifying the vibrations the toy delivers. I would recommend the Gazelle to anyone who is looking for an interactive couple’s toy, a solo toy, or the next piece of advance technology they can get their hands on. And while this toy is mostly advertised to women, I can see this toy being gender neutral for all to play with.

For more information and to purchase the Gazelle, visit Imtoy.US

*I would like to thank Imtoys for giving me the opportunity to review The Gazelle.



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