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This review is long overdue. So let’s get right into it. I would also like to apologize in advance for my gratuitous use the word “Ass” in this post. Sorry not sorry.  Lately I’ve started to do more venturing into the wonderful world of anal play with butt plugs. When B-Vibe came out with the Rimming plug, I thought it was a great idea with its having rotating beads in the neck of the toy. I imagined the beautiful sensations it would give. When I finally got to meet it in person at the SheExpo (Now known as the Sex Expo) last year in September, I was taken aback at how big it was. I mean for someone more seasoned to anal play, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal. For me however, I found to be a bit intimidating.

I asked the Founder of B-Vibe, Alicia Sinclair if there were any plans to come out with a plug smaller than the rimming plug. She said there would be a smaller plug coming out later on that year. So when the lovely people at Good Vibrations gave me the opportunity to review B-Vibes smallest butt plug, I was not only excited but very thankful.

The B-Vibe Novice Plug is the smallest butt plug available in B-Vibes line up of products. It is a vibrating butt plug that made with 100% body-safe silicone, is splash-proof, rechargeable, and beginner friendly. What makes this butt plug unique is that it has a remote control you can use to control the Novice Plug alone or with a partner. The Novice Plug has 3.35 inches of insertable length and 0.75 inches in width.


What I like

I would like to imagine that if someone were to purchase their first vibrating butt plug, it would be this one. Here are some of my reasons why:

  • Seamless body-safe silicone, which is very soft and silky to the touch.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize (warm water and soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner)
  • Rechargeable
  • Has a travel lock to prevent the plug from turning on during travel or just accidentally turning it on in general. Been there before and yes, it’s as scary as it sounds. I would also like to note that the toy comes with the travel lock activated. So it wont immediately buzz to life right out the box.
  • Comes with a sturdy storage case that’s very roomy. Good for storing the Novice Plug, maybe another toy, some lube, and some condoms.
  • Can be remote controlled (can be used with or without the remote)
  • Does not hold onto butt smells, because you know, butts smell.

In Use

I noted before that the Novice Plug will not turn on right out of the box because the travel lock will be activated. Which means in order to turn it on so you can start playing with it, you must read the instruction manual. Which I consider to be a plus. Before inserting the Novice Plug into my ass, I decided to turn it on first to see exactly how powerful it was. It was pretty powerful at what I would call an 8/10. Pretty decent power for a butt plug that has only one motor in the tip (see image below). It does have some buzziness to it, but the vibrations are pretty rumbly. To test out exactly how powerful it was, I used it as a clit toy first. I figured that if my clit of steel was pleased with it, than so would my ass. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful in giving me an orgasm as a starter toy (meaning I would have to use something stronger and then use this to get me off).  I will say however while it didn’t get me off, I won’t down play its power and for those with a clit not as picky as mine, you may enjoy a nice two for one with this toy. If you plan on using this as both a butt plug and clit toy, be sure to sanitize it between uses.

Now let’s talk about me using the plug for its intended purpose. My ass. This wasn’t necessarily my first time using a butt plug. It was just my first time using one that vibrates. I decided to use a sachet of Please Gel Lubricant that I received with the Novice Plug from Good Vibrations to assist in inserting the plug. The lube was thick and created a nice barrier between me and the toy, which made for an easy and smooth insertion. Of course you should always use water-based lubricant with all silicone sex toys and do a spot test if you choose to use a hybrid lube (silicone and water based lube combined) before getting it all over the whole toy, but in my personal opinion, I would highly recommend using a thicker lube when using anal toys, especially for the first time. One that that resembles a gel. In this case, B-Vibe does not recommend using silicone-based lube with any of their products. Water-based lubricant only.

As I inserted the plug into my ass, I felt a pleasant stretching feeling accompanied by the feeling of my ass sucking the remainder of the plug in. It felt good and sat pretty comfortably. What I liked about this plug right away was that when you turned it on, it didn’t start to vibrate right away. Which is nice because you can turn it on, insert it, and then either use your hand or the remote to scroll through the patterns. Some may prefer to insert the plug while its vibrating as it may to make insertion easy. I tried inserting both on and off and found that I liked inserting when it was turned off. While my clit wasn’t pleased with this plug, my ass sure was. The sensation of the plug vibrating in my ass felt pleasant and I found that I was starting to become more aroused vaginally and suddenly became inspired to experiment with some dual stimulation with the plug in my ass and a wand vibe on my clit. The orgasm was phenomenal.

However, something very interesting happened to me. If you have ever read any of my vibrator reviews, than you know that I hate most vibration patterns and usually avoid them like the plague when using them on my clit, as I need steady and continuous vibrations in order to cum. But we aren’t dealing a clitoral massager now, aren’t we? Granted it can be used as both a clit massager and butt plug as mentioned before, that’s not its intended purpose and I found it to a bit annoying when it was on a pattern of continuous vibrations. I enjoyed the patterns. Specifically the one that starts at a low intensity and goes up to a high intensity, and the one that resembles a cha-cha. Being able to adjust to the intensity of the patterns was pretty cool, especially if your someone who enjoys an assortment of vibration patterns, but you may want to start out something soft then end with something strong or start with something strong and end with some soft vibrations. The remote comes in handy here, as you can insert the plug into your ass and scroll through the different patterns and intensities without having to touch the plug itself. The remote by the way preformed very nicely, never losing its connection to the plug. If your one of those people who hate having to pair devices to things, don’t worry. The remote is set to control the plug straight out the box. All you have to do it turn the plug on, put it in your butt, and your good to go.

Ass for comfort (see what I did there), it was okay. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was uncomfortable, but it has the potential to be. For example, it you have allot of ass hair, it may pull on it as the silicone on this plug does have some drag to it. Nothing adding some extra lube won’t fix. The base is appropriately sized for the plug, I just wish it was 1. A bit thinner vertically and 2. Had some more curve to it so it would flush better with the curvature the ass. Wearing it for long periods of time, like more than an hour, may become difficult. But since it will conk out after an hour, which is how much time you will get with it on a single charge and yes that is a proven fact, you’ll have to recharge it anyways. Unless you just want to use it as a regular non-vibrating butt plug, which is totally up to you. Either way, remember to use lube.

Overall, I think the Novice Plug from B-Vibe is a good luxury butt plug for those who are new to anal play and want to up the ante with a butt plug that vibrates. This was a toy that was well thought out with the user in mind. Being that this toy costs over $100, it is an investment. But I think it’s one you will enjoy. It’s non-intimidating, body-safe, easy to clean, comes with a remote control for hands-free play, and has a travel lock to prevent it from accidentally turning on. This toy offers you or you and your partner a new way to enjoy anal play.

You can click “here” or below to purchase your very own Novice Plug, available in Fuchsia and Black from Good Vibrations.

If your already seasoned to the joys of Anal Play, I encourage you to also check out the B-Vibe Trio Plug (a size up from the Novice Plug), and the B-Vibe Rimming Plug (the original and largest plug in the B-Vibe product line.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 1.57.42 PM.png

The Novice Plug from B-Vibe was provided courtesy of Good Vibrations in Exchange for an honest review.


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