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When I think back to one of my most interesting masturbation experiences, I think back to when I was a teenager, listening to the singing girl group Total tracks Masturbation (interlude) and Who is it (interlude). It was so hot. Audible Pleasure is what I call it. Hearing the sounds of a man going down on his girlfriend, her spanking him into submission, a woman pleasing herself in her tub, while someone’s at the door trying to rush her away. Just gets my juices flowing!

Erotica gets the same reaction out of me. Whether I’m reading it or listening to it. The shit just turns me on.  And without fail, every time I finished reading or listening to my Audible pleasure, I was horny and in need of some personal self-pleasure myself. Years later I would come to find that someone took this same idea and combined to the two together, creating a new masturbation experience. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Vibease.


Vibease is wearable vibrator, intended for clitoral stimulation. It can be used alone or with a partner. But its primary function is to be paired with audio books that will cause the toy to vibrate in sync with the stories via an app on your cellular device. Once paired with your device via Bluetooth, you can also use your phone as a remote control to customize or create your own unique patterns, have a partner control the device, have the toy vibrate in sync with your favorite song, or have a complete stranger control your device from anywhere in the world. And if all that advanced technology isn’t really your thing, you can use Vibease alone, as it comes programed with five patterns of vibration. Pretty cool. And allot of different options to choose from when it comes to how you want to use Vibease.

The design of the toy is pretty neat. It’s small and fairly light. And you can fit in the palm of your hand. The whole body of Vibease is covered in body-safe silicone and is Usb rechargeable. My Favorite! And, its complete waterproof. Making it very easy to clean.

The larger part of the toy lays on the labia minora and the smaller part, which protrudes out with a bit of a pointy tip, sits on the clitoris. I’ll talk about placement issues with functionality issues later. With that being said, the toy comes in a ridiculously girly pink and a ridiculously girly purple. Both of which I hate. Why is it that when companies make toys for woman, that have to be marketed to us in these girly colors? Why not blues, some browns, some grey or even some aqua? Just a thought.

Since the toy is meant to used with a smartphone, you should probably have a smartphone. Figures. The pairing of devices was pretty easy to do. But being a tech enthusiast and knowing your way around a smartphone would be helpful as well. It’s just like pairing Bluetooth headphones to your cellphone. Unless you have never done that before. But don’t worry, it’s still easy.

After connecting Vibease to your phone, you can browse the Vibease app audio book market where you can download free or purchase (yes I said purchase) audio books. The selection of audio books where okay, but nothing that really sparked my interest in terms of having a toy that could do that. But I don’t know who I should blame that on: Vibease or my being challenged by change? I blame Vibease.

The audio books would not have necessarily have been an issue. However, the Bluetooth connectivity between Vibease and my phone was a huge issue. See, once the toy is paired to your phone (I have a Samsung Note 4) and have never had connectivity issues with any Bluetooth device that I have used with my phone.

Anyway, once the toy was paired with my phone, I positioned the toy on my lady parts to get the party started. But once the phone wasn’t near the toy (about two rulers distance), the toy would lose its connectivity. Which made me come to the conclusion that Vibease is not designed for long distance play. I don’t believe that another person can control this toy from a longer distance. Like across the room distance.

And because the toy is meant for that purpose, it kind of became useless at that point. To make matters worse, the toy didn’t really reach the right spot of my clit and when it did, it didn’t stay in place. So I had to keep re-positioning it. If I didn’t, it would just vibrate where I didn’t want to which would annoy me, unless I wasn’t using it with my phone and just playing with it by itself.

Another thing that really annoyed me with the audio books is that the voices are not very diverse. Not trying to use the race card here by any means, but as a Woman of Color, I would have like to see some variety in all forms, colors, and orientations. The audio books seemed very “specific” if you know what I mean. I just want to see more diverse options is all I’m saying. Not trying to offend anyone there.  

As for playing with it by itself. It was just okay. It comes with five patterns and no intensities, so you can’t turn up the pattern you like. It’s decently powerful. Rumble with some buzz, but that’s just it. I don’t think this could get someone with a clit of steel off. But, if you find yourself close to reaching your orgasm and the vibrator you were using dies, while you’re still sensitive, you could grab this one to finish the job.


The funny thing about this toy is that I really wanted to like it because it’s something that I think is really different on the market. But I think it needs more work in terms of functionality and design. Bluetooth connectivity is a must for a toy that is supposed to use with a cellphone. Unless they figure out a way to connect Vibease to a cellphone via Wi-Fi. That may fix the problem indefinitely.

Vibease is available in pink and purple and also comes in a rabbit version called Esthesia, which has same functions as Vibease and comes in the same color options. You can check them out Here.

*I did receive this product for free courtesy of Vibease in exchange for my honest review. All opinions on this product are my own.


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