SEEKING: Skilled Illustrator in Adobe Illustrator


Hey Mathletes! We are working on releasing a DIRTY COLORING BOOK and are looking for help with production! 

We need someone who is savvy with the Adobe Illustrator and has experience with tracing, illustrating, and page composition. You'll be coordinating with our project lead: Emma and her style for the book so far. Her general process consists of tracing over past content, arranging it on the page in a balanced way, and modifying line width and shape for a more illustrated feel. For more info please send in a brief description of your qualifications and some examples of past work to

We are ideally looking for someone who can work through August, when we are planning to launch our crowdfunding campaign. We are offering a rate of $15 a page. You are more than welcome to work at your own pace and make as few or as many pages as you please, as well as work remotely.

Below is a sample of the work, featuring Buck Angel and Stoya, shot by Ellen Stagg.

call for help process pic.jpg
Emma Sturm