Gina's WildFlower Wishlist


I am still pretty new to the world of sex toys, but WildFlower Sex always makes the process of exploring my options much less daunting. Here are 5 things that are currently on my wishlist. 

I learned about Dame's Fin vibrator a few weeks ago at their Nuance conference. As my friend keeps saying, the Fin seems like the perfect toy for people concerned about aching fingers! 


My friend used Überlube for the first time the other week and had only good things to say. I love the cute bottle and, importantly, it's body and condom safe. 


I have never used cuffs before and these Quickie Cuffs seem like the perfect pair to start with—simple and easy to use. Let us know if you've used these in the comments below!!


I really want to explore wax play and these Make Me Melt candles seem super fun. Each candle burns up to 7 hours (;

I knew about essential oils but did not know that arousal oils exist! I am now super excited to try this On Hemp Arousal Oil but have so many questions. What does the oil feel like on your body? Is it tingly? If you've tried arousal oils let us know what you think about them! 


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