Valentine's Day Shopping Guide


We checked out one of our favorite online sex shops, Wildflower Sex* to pick out some treats for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating with your lovers, your own self, or not at all … your body deserves PLEASURE AND LOVE! And I really appreciate the way Wildflower is curated, I trust that these brands use body save materials and generally have good business practices.

*Full Disclosure: we are a part of an affiliate program so when you buy one of these products using the links in this post, we get a little bit of money from Wildflower Sex! It’s a great way to support 2 queer owned and operated, independent, ethical, and sex positive companies <3


This is my top pick for Valentine’s Day 2019! The Liberator Love Is Art sex-painting kit is such a cute date night! My partner and I did it last year and had so much fun. I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because not only do you have the sexy and playful experience of making the painting, you’ll have the work of art to enjoy long after! The kit comes with everything you need from little booties to cover your feet after the painting is done to the body safe paint and scrubby to wash off after.


Holding an NJoy toy it’s natural to think that this heavy, dense metal object would not play nice with orifices such as the anus, but I would venture to say that while that instinct is very reasonable … it is not my experience! These beautifully made, stainless steel, heirloom quality toys make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. I recommend checking out the different shapes and sizes to see what’s best for you.


I’m really into the classic styling of this crop. I have visions of confidently striding into play parties, brandishing this leather and steel implement. My collection is shockingly lacking in impact toys and I’m thinking this one needs to be the first. For the new and seasoned sub, domme, or switch in your life, I think this would make a lovely gift especially paired with something sweet like chocolates.


I’ve been eyeing the Fleshlight Flight for way too long, I need to just get it! This gorgeous masturbator for penises looks like an air freshener and will bring a lot of pleasure to your Valentine, again and again and again. I am so into getting this thing I looked up how to clean it! If you’re curious too, here’s what LoveHoney says.


For the lover who has it all! I’m very curious about using suction to engorge and stimulate different parts of the body. At this reasonable price, the Temptasia Intense Pussy Pump could be a fun foray into something new. Of course I’m already thinking about ways to use it on other areas of the body … external use only <3 And the fact that it’s made by Blush, makes it perfect!