Highlights from Math Magazine Issue Eight


Here are some of my favorite sections of writing in the next issue of Math Magazine. Whether powerful on their own or the climax of an incredible build-up, I am so happy to feature some small tastes of the writing we have in Issue Eight. To get the full effect, get your copy here.

“I’m rebuilding a relationship with God that is unabashedly queer. My queerness is at the center. Everything else will fit around it...” Jessi in Queer & Christian by Tripp Hudgins

“More than cultural and political critique, I would also suggest more constructively that Christian faith provides a way for LGBTQI+ people to realize and embrace the inherently erotic character of the universe itself, which offers the enduring hope that all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, the universe can be a place where we are at home, loving and loved.” Jay Emerson Johnson in Queer & Christian by Tripp Hudgins

“Think of a pumpernickel sandwich, you have the little slices of ham sticking out and it’s pink and whatever I am going to say it is honey-glazed turkey because it’s so sweet and then you got the pumpernickel bread and that’s the outer labia. That is how i would describe my v-jay-jay and I love it.” Anonymous, Am I Normal? 

“Everything is better with permission,” Devine Fame, Coming Home

“I close my eyes and inhale the secret scent of you, warm ass air and deep seeped cunt.” Devine Fame, Coming Home

“The following is a selection of what came to encompass over fifty Elizabethan sonnets written during the summer of 2018. Their writing had been ordered by my owner, my maîtresse à penser, to be completed by me while she was abroad for a month, vacationing with her husband.” Justine Vaccine 

“I think sex is one of those gifts that we get in life. I miss it.” Anonymous, Let’s Talk About Real Sex

“I always asked him if he wanted to do things to me. Do you want to bite me, Baby? Do you want to tease me and tell me what a desperate pathetic slut I am? Later, I realized this was consent. I offered everything up like a gift.” Alex Claire, Soft and Switchy: A Survivor’s BDSM Manifesto

“I’m not a submissive anymore. I’m a switch. Something scary, something slippery, adaptive, reactive, empathetic. I bruise the skin of the souls who ask me to free them for minutes from the unbearable weight of existing in a world that is slow to learn you must ask before you act, you must care for when you are done.” Alex Claire, Soft and Switchy: A Survivor’s BDSM Manifesto

“I am trying to be as radical and free as I can be to show other young black women that this kind of freedom and happiness is possible.” Tasneem Nathari, Mommy Never Told Me 



“He arrived at a clearing and gasped at the sight. A massive fire rose toward the sky, and around it there were twelve naked women dancing and writhing around in unnatural ways. Their chanting and grunting shook him to the core, yet made his prick rise in answer.” Breanna Meow, Sacred Source

“I seek to naturalize fatness, to show its oneness with nature. This is where my activism lies, in shifting people’s skewer perceptions surrounding fat bodies — in a society that tells us we are ungodly, unnatural, and to be hidden.” Shoog McDaniel

“I can literally last for hours when I’m alone! I can edge so long sometimes I think I should call a doctor. But all you have to do is stick your tongue down my throat for thirty seconds and I’m exploding like a piñata at a birthday party.” Cal Scot, The Early Bird

“He grins at me and slips his finger into my mouth to stop me talking and his other hand forces the nave of my back down into the white sheets. Without hesitation, he plunges his dick back inside of me and inhale like the hiss of a latex balloon slipping from your fingers as you wetly blow into it.” Riley Yaxley, Warm Chocolate of Me On Your Eager Tongue

“I think Porn is starting to be used just like film or literature or comic books or music or any other art form. It has its own tropes; it has its own aesthetics, functions, and history. More and more people are starting to engage with it in this way where they see that, actually, there’s nothing that can’t be told through porn.” Mahx Capacity