Math Magazine, Issue Eight Call for Submissions


Here’s our wish list for the next issue!

Please submit by
midnight EST on June 11, 2019.

Photo by Dan Allegrucci

Photo by Dan Allegrucci

Math Magazine, Issue Eight
Call For Submissions

We want to see your interpretations of our values and mission to make the world a more sex-positive and inclusive place through work at the intersection of art and sexuality!

Preference will be given to work made by sex workers, queer people, disabled/differently abled people, and people of color. We are looking for a range of mediums including poetry, photography, essays, interviews, paintings, drawings, comics, sculpture, and short stories. Please be sure to read the submission directions at the bottom of this page to be sure we see your entry! Thank you!

We are eager to see work that fits the list of ideas below. Priority will be given to work that relates to these ideas and is explicit.

  • Sex rituals

  • Vore fantasy

  • Sex with ghosts

  • Sex with God, Jesus or other deity

  • Enlightenment through orgasms

  • Sex with aliens and astronauts in space

  • Sex with electrons and other kinds of science-y sex

  • Collection of sexual memes

  • Latinx perspectives on sexuality

  • Reflections and insights into growing up in a sex-negative environment and finding your way to positivity, pleasure, and expression

  • Sex Ed: History of tantric sex and contemporary practice

  • Sex Ed: Navigating religion and sexuality

  • Medical or doctor fantasy

  • A story of having an out of body experience during sex

  • Stories of overcoming your fears, oppression, and taboos to find personal sexual liberation

  • Sex magick

  • Sex with something dangerous

  • Homemade sex toys with instructions on how to make them

  • Electrosex

  • Human furniture

  • Sex Folk Lore, eg. Marina Abramovic section in the film Destricted

  • Essay on the history of sexual personal ads in print magazines, online

  • Macrophilia

  • Body expansion

  • Furry fantasies

  • Sci-Fi fan fic

This is a list of a la carte add-ons. If you can combine any of the qualities in the list below with the ideas above, that would be really fantastic.

  • Blindfolds

  • Differently abled people and people who identify as disabled

  • Wax dripping

  • Two dicks in/near one mouth

  • Visible scars and stretch marks

  • Shot of stretching orifices

  • Faces of pleasure

  • Finger in a butt

  • People intensely connecting, eye contact

  • Moments of vulnerability and tenderness

  • Fisting

  • Squirting

  • Two people sharing same dildo

  • Hands from multiple people fingering same person

  • Male/male penetration

  • True stories from personal experience

  • Queefing

  • Stories of overcoming personal challenges

  • Stories of sex positivity, learning, and vulnerability

  • Menstruation sex

  • Pregnancy / lactation

  • Robust hairiness, esp. pubic hair

  • Trans models

  • Showcase a range of body shapes and sizes

  • Highlight an array of gender presentations

  • Celebrate multiple ethnicities, skin colors

  • Sexually explicit images of people over 40


We love to see …

  • Interdisciplinary production process

  • 3-D renderings

  • Drawings and paintings

  • Poetry & Flash Fiction

  • Collections of accounts of real experiences

  • Sociological work and sex research

  • Essays on niche kinks

  • Representation of desires often sought but rarely seen

  • A strong visual or written voice and a clear perspective or message

  • Work in dialogue with history and inspired by research

  • Responses to contemporary trends and issues

  • Work that helps define and push forward our values and mission

  • Representation of people & scenerios we don’t see in porn enough

  • Work that addresses misconceptions

Submission Directions

Send your work to with the subject line: Issue Eight Submission. Be sure to include you work as an attachment or a Dropbox link. Please format files small, for web, and have your print files ready to go. Save files as your name and the title of the work. We receive a lot of emails so please be patient and you’ll be contacted if we want to work with you! Thank you in advance, Math Magazine would be nothing without our contributors and collaborators.

Deadline: June 11, 2019, midnight EST