The Art of Sexuality, Playboy Pop-Up Playhouse NYC


We caught the final event at Playboy’s Playhouse Pop-Up in NYC! Gorgeous space, impressive panelists, and a fun after party called “Sunday Funday.”

As our collective perceptions of gender and sexuality evolve, so do the ways that we express—and perceive—gender and sexuality through art. Nudity is at the forefront of this conversation. What is—or should be—the relationship between nudity and art in 2019, and who has the authority to define it? How can we evolve the societal gaze while celebrating free expression and sexual freedom in a respectful, sex-positive and artistic and authentic way? Where is the line between expression and exploitation, and who has the right to draw it? In a rare roundtable discussion led by 2018 Pulitzer Prize winning art critic Jerry Saltz, artists Marilyn Minter, Xaviera Simmons and Natalie White join Playboy in furthering this and other important dialogues surrounding art, gender and sexuality. — Playboy


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