Blunderland Variety Show at House of Yes


I went to House of Yes in Bushwick with my best friend to attend Blunderland Variety Show, hosted by Fancy Feast.  This was my first time at the iconic venue, and it surpassed all my expectations! Fancy Feast was an incredible host, keeping up the energy and even performing her own dazzling burlesque number.  The lineup included Scottish boylesque dancer Tom Harlow; Blaine Petrovia, a national champion pole dancer; comedian and singer Daphne Always; contortionist Topher Bousquet; and several other incredibly talented, completely unbelievable acts of aerial silks, burlesque numbers, and more. 

The highlight of the night was the last piece of the show, which I unfortunately was not allowed to photograph. This breathtaking finale was a fisting act by Punchboy and Makita Spins that featured gloves, stuffed animals, thick and sticky lube, and a harness for flying away. I felt so lucky to be able to experience this masterpiece that could only be witnessed IRL in this moment; some things you just have to be there to see.  The night ended with an announcement encouraging the audience to stay and enjoy the space, which turns into more of a club vibe as the night progresses. We waited around as people started showing up dressed for the Animal Kingdom theme of that night, but hunger and sleepiness won out for us, and we ended our night with a slice of pizza around the corner. Blunderland was a spectacular event filled with stripping, dancing, and floating that I would highly recommend to anyone in town—it’s even worth traveling.  


Photos and article by Ginger Hollander