Black Femmes Speak Out About Wildflower Sex


We are sharing this article titled “Dildon’t Disrespect Black Femmes: Our Personal Experiences With Wild Flower Sex Shop,” originally published by Ev’Yan Whitney on Medium, to showcase the perspectives and insights of Ev’Yan, Ashleigh, Karmenife, La’Shaunae, Venus Cuffs, and Cameron. Additionally, Math Magazine Founder, MacKenzie had similar experiences with Wildflower Sex. We strongly encourage you to read the article, in full, here. Below is a brief excerpt.


Being a sexuality professional is hard, hard work — but it’s even harder to be a Black femme in this space. We endure the undermining and proving of our worth that others in the field may also experience, but the misogynoir and specific violence that we navigate in addition to that only adds to the necessity of our work. Despite the specific challenges that we face, Black femmes are doing incredible, necessary work in the sexuality field. We deserve to be here, and even more importantly, we have a right to share when we have been wronged.

This is a story of the latter.

The following are personal stories from Black femmes who’ve felt harmed by Amy and Nick of Wild Flower Sex. All of us have been hesitant to share. Amy and Nick are well known in the community and to speak up about our experiences with them, especially as Black femmes, had us fearing that we’re going to look like “angry Black women.” And the fact that we had to even consider not speaking up for fear of validating a racist trope speaks to the weight of what it means to be a Black femme in this space.

We do not intend for this callout to cause harm, and we are not writing this with any feelings of animosity. However, we feel a duty to not remain silent, so we’re writing these statements to demand justice and accountability from Wild Flower Sex, both for ourselves and others who have been harmed by Amy and Nick. We ask that white sexuality professionals stand alongside us and uplift our stories as valid, sharing with their networks and condemning harm to Black femmes with the same energy as they demand from us in support of their own endeavors.

And lastly, we want to mention that, because of the way the events unfurled between all of us, Unbound Babes are unfortunately deeply intertwined in our stories. While we wish that they didn’t have to be involved in this, it’s clear that, given some time and perspective, Unbound has been involved for reasons that we believe stem from pettiness and jealousy.