Woodstock Style & (some) Of It's Values Are Making A Comeback


I first noticed the uptick in tie-dye fashion, gradually on my Instagram feed. Growing up, this was very uncool, indicative of something that belonged to our parents yet they thought we had the same feelings about it, we didn’t.

For many, tie-dye is reminiscent of hippy culture, things like Woodstock. Now-a-days, festival fashion is very common, brands are dedicated to just that lifestyle, and every Summer we start to see a resurgence in raver style, beads, head-pieces, and cut-offs of every variety. But why Woodstock, and why now? It’s been 50 years and I see lots of parallels, socially and politically. I feel this general desire, for a new take on sexuality, gender equality, and social justice. Politics in America, with our current president, have rallied many groups including those who practice intersectional-feminism or womanism, are increasingly non-binary in all ways, and seeking a positive way forward for social justice and reparations.

What can we take from Woodstock? What might we want to leave behind?

What have we learned from the past and what new ideas are most powerful today?

We definitely venture to figure that out, in everything we do.

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