Discussing Wildflower Sex & Power Dynamics in Ethics-Focused Communities


Inspired by a powerful collection of six personal accounts of the mistreatment of black femmes by the founders of Wildflower Sex, Amy and Nick, we wanted to take a moment to show appreciation for Ev’Yan, Ashleigh, Karmenife, La’Shaunae, Venus Cuffs, and Cameron taking the risk of coming out with their experiences, and expand on the conversation with MacKenzie's related story. This is followed by a discussion about call-out culture and being a member of an ethics-centered community. 

For the full original article title, "Dildon’t Disrespect Black Femmes: Our Personal Experiences With Wild Flower Sex Shop," click here.

We strongly encourage you to read the full piece before watching our video, as it covers the extent of Wildflower Sex's behavior specifically in terms of how it has affected numerous black people in our community. 

You can find more about the article authors on Instagram:

Ev’Yan: @evyan.whitney
Ashleigh: @ashleighchubbybunny
Karmenife: @lisaspliffson
La’Shaunae: @luhshawnay
Venus Cuffs: @venuscuffs
Cameron: @blkgirlmanifest