Glamour Shots Photos (contains some nudity and sexual expression)


Our first Glamour Shots event was a huge success! This Math Magazine creative and social gathering was hosted by Holyrad Studio SoHo in partnership with Recess, Mr. Black, Lovability, WaterSlyde, Fluide, OMGYes, Let Me Poke U, Eco Glitter Fun, and Bianca’s Design Shop. We talked about sex and gender, pleasure and desire, and more!

So many wonderful people joined us for fun, intimate, sexy, and real-talk photo, video, and writing stations. Here’s a look at some of the stunning images made in our photo area! Thank you Cole Witter and Amanda Picotte for doing such a wonderful job. And thank you to all of our models for participating. Remember: if you want your picture taken … you are a model! We always want to know about your sex life, your questions, your fears, desires, and fantasies. We plan on creating more gatherings where we can collaborate, socialize, and get creative at the intersection of art and sex positivity!

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