Cake Sitting at Crushed: First Annual Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair


We recently went to Crushed, the first annual Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair, where sexy zines, art, and even Math Magazine were displayed and sold!  Curated by Matthew Leifheit of Matte Magazine, the event also included an "orgy afterparty."  On the last day, Lindsay Dye performed a live cake sitting, singing along to R. Kelly's Contagious and twerking on a vanilla cake with pink icing.


"My cam set is my studio is my bedroom is my stage," explains Dye.  "I perform fetishes in my chatroom (learned from the Internet) and reenact them in front of IRL audiences."


After a breathtaking performance, Dye let Math take some photos of her rolling around in the sugary remains!  The impromptu photo shoot was followed by the premiere of M. Lamar's new piece titled American Cuck—scroll to the end for photos!



Article and photos by Ginger Hollander, exclusively for The Afterglow.